Made to Move

As versatile as you are, the Forester offers quick and easy design solutions to accommodate many situations.

  • Power Rear Gate

    You’ll do enough reaching, pulling and lifting when you’re out there riding, climbing and living. The power rear gate will take some of the work out of loading. Use the switch on the instrument panel, the gate or the key fob and it opens or closes automatically.

  • Side Sill

    The side sills have been designed to be low as possible yet resist collecting dirt to keep your Forester looking clean. So they help shoes and clothes keep from collecting dirt as the family gets in and out on all the adventures you’ll be having.

  • Child Step

    The backseat step was designed to ease entry and exiting for small children. To make your day go smoother, the wider, non-slip surface has been well placed so knees land on soft floor mats instead of hard plastic.

Take in the view.

The Forester balances a sleek, modern design with all-out comfort. As you sit behind the wheel, you will notice the attention to detail in the features that create an overall ease of use and increased functionality. The improved visibility from the higher seating position also adds confidence to the driving experience by providing the best view possible.

  • Instrument Cluster

    The instrument panel of the Forester is designed to deliver information quickly and effortlessly. The tachometer and speedometer are clearly visible to help keep more focus on the road ahead.

  • High-grade Multifunction Display

    Located conveniently in the instrument panel, informative car vitals are displayed at a touch of a button. It also features advanced environmental performance and efficiency - even allowing you to compare the efficiency between different trips.

  • Shifter Handle

    A shift boot has been included for a more luxurious feel. The chrome-plated ring at the base of the leather boot on the soft black panel gives the interior a sense of luxury whilst being sporty.

  • Visibility

    With a commanding perspective and front and rear visibility at the top of its class, the Forester keeps the driver aware and at ease on the narrow roads and tight spaces. Blind spots are kept to a minimum with well-positioned A-pillars and integrated partition windows. The side mirrors have also been placed onto the door panels, creating a remarkably open field of view.

Designed with room to spare.

The cabin of the Forester immerses you and your passengers in modern comfort with an interior that gives you the roominess you need and the versatility to use it. To fit your behaviour and needs, every useful feature of the Forester is thoughtfully placed to be right where you need it, when you need it. With a spacious, intelligent layout, it’s designed to make tasks simpler, and driving more comfortable.

  • Centre Cup Holder

  • Door Pocket

  • Console Box

  • Armrest Slide

  • Seatback Pocket

  • Rear Armrest

  • Overhead Console

  • Centre Tray with Lamp

Informed, entertained and connected.

Going on the road doesn't mean you'll have to leave in all behind. Stay grounded, yet undistracted with technology that's intuitive and easy to use. The Forester keeps you connected, on course with infotainment, navigation and audio systems that you can either control with the touch of your fingertips or the sound of your voice. And with smartphone and iPhone (*1) connectivity, you're never free of your peers or playlists.


Like a built-in smartphone for your car, having the SUBARU STARLINK (*2) Infotainment System lets you access Internet radio, entertaining apps and much more. Control it with the tablet-like 7-inch centre touchscreen, multifunction steering wheel controls, or one-shot voice recognition (*3). If you can’t find your favourite music, connect your iPhone (*1), smartphone or other mobile music device via the USB or standard AUX jack.

  • Premium Audio System with Harman/Kardon Speakers

    The 8-speaker, 440W system was designed for ultimate sound performance. Two oval-shaped speakers are placed in the front doors and two speakers are installed at the rear doors.

  • Navigation System

    The more advanced navigation system provides faster and more efficient guidance along with the convenience of an advanced voice recognition function.

  • Touchscreen Control

    Use the touchscreen to easily manage your music, just as you would on your smartphone. Simply connect your smartphone through Bluetooth® (*4) or the USB port, and you can choose your music right on the touchscreen.

  • Voice Recognition (*3)

    With the convenience of an advanced voice recognition function, just tap the steering controls and speak naturally to search for points of interest, initiate a voice call, and play your favourite songs.

  • Steering wheel-mounted controls

    Steering wheel-mounted controls place audio controls conveniently at your fingertips, and an available Bluetooth® (*4) hands-free system automatically links with your smartphone to help keep you focused on the road.

  • Digital Device Connectivity

    Plug your iPod (*1) or other mobile music device into the standard AUX and USB input jack, and your digital music plays through the Forester audio system.

All shapes. All day.

The Forester is well prepared to keep up with your life, from planned vacations to spontaneous hiking expeditions. The wide cargo area can accommodate four large suitcases and even the most bulky adventure gear, whilst a power rear gate, wider door openings and lower side sills help load and unload with ease. For longer items, the rear seats fold flat in a 60/40 split.

  • Seating Arrangement

    Widening the door openings and flattening the floor has expanded the interior room. This provides an exceptional level of comfort that can be found at all five seats.

  • Cargo Capacity

    The cargo space has been designed to provide easier loading and unloading. Fold the rear seats down for maximum cargo space to accommodate the bigger things in life.

*1 Apple®, iPhone® and iPod® are registered trademarks of Apple, inc.
*2 Driver is always responsible for safe and attentive driving. Please refrain from operating the touchscreen while driving. Package communications fee may be charged depending on your area.
*3 Voice Recognition is compatible with select languages only and cannot accept all languages.
*4 Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. America.