For instant, seamless response to changing conditions, the redesigned Lineartronic Continuously Variable Transmission elevates efficiency of the BOXER engine and Symmetrical AWD by keeping the engine in its ideal power range. Featuring a reinforced transmission case and new torque converter, Lineatronic delivers a smoother ride while also reducing mechanical noise during operation. Adaptive control automatically shifts to the most optimal gear to suit any driving style and road condition, while a stepped variable control is in tune with changes in engine speed, maximising drivability and performance.

Lineartronic is designed for linear response, and of course predictable driving means more fun behind the wheel. Yet there is more than simply selecting the most appropriate gear ratio. Another advantage of CVT is that it allows the engine to operate longer at a lower speed than conventional automatic transmission systems. A lower engine speed means better fuel economy. And CVTs also deliver a smoother ride, as it eliminates shocks when changing gears, and allows the engine to run quieter.