To drive how you want to drive

Subaru’s renowned Symmetrical AWD platform and its core tenets of horizontal symmetry and low centre of gravity are now available in their full potential in a hybrid package. The system features compact, high-performance motors and batteries mated to the Symmetrical AWD. The drive motor has been built into Subaru’s “Lineartronic(*1)” next-generation transmission system positioned low in the car’s body. The Hybrid Lineartronic has been newly developed while retaining the inherent benefits of the Lineartronic system, as well as optimising each and every component and improving fuel economy. A Boxer Engine has also been specially engineered to suit the hybrid platform, featuring the Subaru Boxer Engine with a modified compression ratio and reduced friction levels to deliver better fuel economy and operate with less noise. Fuel efficiency on the road is even better with “SI-DRIVE(*2)” and “ECO Cruise Control(*3)” functions designed for optimum control to suit the driving conditions. The hybrid platform not only delivers outstanding fuel efficiency and impressive performance, but also brings a well-balanced design to all aspects of the car, including the driving power, interior comfort and ease-of-use that Subaru is famous for.

  • Intelligent Mode

    SI-DRIVE activates Intelligent Mode for immediate driving response and more environmentally friendly performance. Throttle mapping balances smoothness and efficiency for an enhanced level of control.

  • Sport Mode

    Sport mode delivers smooth engine performance at any driving speed. The effect is an immediate linear response that brings to life the refined, torque-rich response.

  • Sport Sharp Mode

    With the focus on response, Sport Sharp Mode drives the engine to its maximum potential. In this mode, the engine responds directly to the accelerator for more powerful driving when accelerating. The paddle shifters in Sport Sharp Mode enable the driver to take more control of engine performance with eight gear ratios—like an 8-speed transmission—for truly spirited driving.